Are you expending your personal effort in the best and highest manner for your business?

Are you one of the many business owners who do their own accounting or financial analysis? If you are, ask yourself how much revenue you generated by doing a bank reconciliation, preparing your financial statements or analyzing your cash flow? Sure, these things need to be done, but are you making the very most out of your own valuable time?

Small and mid-sized businesses often don't have the means to hire a full-time CFO or even a Controller, yet their need is just as pressing as larger companies. Imagine how much more time you could devote to your business development, marketing and sales efforts if those accounting and finance headaches were taken care of? Our virtual finance teams work with multiple clients in various capacities bringing you accounting and financial expertise at a modest price.

From other sources, San Francisco salaries for small businesses:

  • CFO: $198,250
  • Controller: $144,250
  • Accounting Manager: $96,250
  • Senior Accountant: $88,000
  • SalariesAccountant
  • SalariesController
  • SalariesCFO

Don't forget that there are payroll taxes, retirement and other benefits as well as vacations to factor in.

Of course, not everyone needs all of the services a Virtual CFO brings to the table, so Aeona offers lower levels of service as well. Each of the task areas we offer are explained below, and each is available a la carte. Our bundled service packages and their pricing is shown below as well. In every case, your proposal will be tailored to your needs and the level of service that benefits you most.

  •   Max On-boarding Period
  •   Email Support
  •   Phone Support
  •   Virtual Meetings
  •   On-site Visits
  •   Software Updates
  •   Bank Reconciliation
  •   Payroll Management
  •   Accounts Receivable
  •   Accounts Payable
  •   Inventory Costing
  •   Fixed Assets
  •   Transaction Consulting
  •   GL Transaction Review
  •   GL Account Analysis
  •   Financial Statements
  •   Cash Flow Forecasting
  •   Business Process Review
  •   Budgets/Rolling Forecasts
  •   KPI Reporting
  •   Business Tax Compliance
  •   Business Income Tax Prep
  •   Form 990 Preparation
  •   Income Tax Prep Credit
  •   Minimum Term
  •   Annual Term Discount
  •   Hourly Rate Discount



  • 4 weeks
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Typically 1x/month
  • NA
  • Quarterly
  • 10%
  • 10%
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  • 6 weeks
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Typically 2x/month
  • $1,000
  • Quarterly
  • 10%
  • 30%
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  • 8 weeks
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Typically 4x/month
  • $3,000
  • Annual
  • NA
  • 50%
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Price Range Explanation

When do I fall under which price range?

There are two factors that determine which price level your company will fall under:

  • Efficiency:

    Efficiency is related to the number of transactions that must be entered, reviewed, adjusted or reconciled. Modern accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks Online have features like real-time bank feeds that save an enormous amount of time. If you have one of these solutions, then you may qualify for the lowest price level. We will examine your inefficient processes and help you determine if it is cost-effective to introduce automation solutions that increase process efficiencies.
  • Complexity:

    This is related to the difficulty of resolving the issue presented by the transaction. The more analysis involved, the more time it will take to complete the work that is required. Complexity can be present in a number of accounts, reports and reconciliations. Sometimes the very nature of an accounting transaction is complex if it is dependent upon an analysis. This is usually found in an accrual of some type. Again, we will take the opportunity that complexity offers to help you determine if it is cost-effective to implement an automation solution that makes the complex simple.


    A small business switches to Xero accounting with Fishbowl inventory and signs up for one year with Aeona at the virtual CFO level.

    The problem:

    The company sells goods that they design and have manufactured overseas. Although the business activity is somewhat simple, the financial arrangements are fairly sophisticated. An asset-backed LOC and other agreements make cash planning critical. The software runs on local computers connected to a local server and it is legacy accounting software that requires many steps to complete the simplest of tasks. All reviews, approvals and higher-level financial issues are dealt with directly by the owners of the business, but they are so busy that it is difficult for them communicate with the accounting staff and follow-through is haphazard. Due to the very high stress levels caused by these circumstances there has been much turnover in the accounting department and although day-to-day activities are being completed, there are problems with cash flow and cash management. Lender and business partner relationships are also being tested by late reporting and late payments.

    What was done:

    During the on-boarding period Aeona performed the implementation of the new software and setup the business processes, checks, balances, reports and KPIs for the new system. On a weekly basis, we review cash balances, vendor invoices being paid and customer invoices being billed with employees and management after which we prepare a weekly cash flow forecast. The cash flow forecast and related cash in and out items are then given final approval by management for processing. Aeona processes and posts the payroll bi-monthly and any physical paychecks are distributed by management. Aeona supervises the monthly close, makes any necessary accruals and adjustments, performs the monthly bank reconciliation, prepares monthly financial statements, forecasts and reports during the first and second weeks of the month. The detailed financial forecasts are discussed with management during the second week of the month. Aeona prepares and files the sales tax and property tax reports. They have elected to have their current CPA prepare and file all business and personal income tax returns.

    How it helped:

    Management has more current and accurate information than ever before and no longer has a problem with cash flow. With the time saved from having someone to help them manage and automate their business, management is now able to focus on increasing market share and revenues through improved marketing, sales and other business development efforts such as product improvement and channel development. These activities are what they desperately wanted to undertake, but could never before find the time to pursue with any persistent vigor without ignoring the accounting and finance side of the business.

    What it cost:

    This customer required the CFO level of service, making Aeona responsible for overseeing all back office operations and relying upon us for financial management and advice. The weekly fee during on-boarding is $2,598 and after on-boarding the weekly fee is $1,299 per week. The client was converted to Xero accounting software with automated receivables and payables, earning the $200/week discount. The on-boarding period took 6 weeks due to clean-up and documentation issues, retail e-commerce integration and inventory conversion. At the end of each annual agreement term, the client receives a $3,000 payment from Aeona to offset income tax preparation fees from their CPA. When the agreement is renewed there will be no on-boarding fee period.

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Aeona gives you the freedom to grow your business while providing you with the peace of mind that come from knowing your back office is taken care of. Providing accurate and timely accounting services while increasing the efficiency of your finance and accounting efforts is what Aeona is all about. From tax returns and bank reconciliations to implementation of an entire ERP system, Aeona can help you achieve more with your business.

Startups and small businesses can start with a basic accounting software implementation and monthly services, while larger or more complex businesses can benefit from having an accounting professional oversee and manage their entire office without having to hire a controller or CFO. This saves businesses tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries and benefits every year.

Nonprofits also benefit from our years of experience with nonprofits and certification through the AICPA's nonprofit section. And, we have special rates for nonprofits as well as software specifically designed to improve accountability, compliance and transparency.