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Now businesses of any size can take advantage of a sophisticated forecasting and purchase planning system that has heretofore been out of the financial grasp of most small and mid-sized businesses.

Sage Inventory Advisor dramatically speeds up our forecasting process, and the straight statistics we were using to build each SKU’s forecast proved increasingly unreliable as we grew. Sage Inventory Advisor is helping us prevent stock-outs without overstocking, and it has reduced the time I spend on monthly forecasting tasks from 40 hours to just one hour.

Gael J.B. Orr
Communications Manager
Once Again Nut Butter

Do you know what your optimal stocking level is?


How much capital could you free up to do other things if your inventory levels were optimized automatically?

Do you know what your inventory's optimal level is? If you approached perfection with all sales projections and stocking levels, what would be the capital requirement? It is probably a lot less than you think it might be. SIA shows all of the items that have excess stock and determines the optimal stocking levels using 15 different statistical forecasting methods. And, all of your inventory items are automatically classified in a 3x3 matrix that uses value and volume to identify which items are critical. Overstocking low value, low volume items is a waste of precious resources.

Reduce excess stocking levels without fear

2% to 10% reduction in stock-outs

Imagine if you could reduce stock-outs and still have dramatically lower inventory levels.

Sub-optimal methods are more prone to stock shortages, even on the most valuable items to the business. Stock shortages result in lost sales and deterioration of the customer relationship - something that isn't easy to red-flag. Most companies overstock deliberately to avoid stock-out situations because they know that they can't otherwise collect and process the necessary data quickly enough. However, Sage Inventory Advisor has reduced our customer's stock-outs by 2% to 10% even with much lower stock levels due to more accurate analysis.

More high-value tasks can now be completed

Sage Inventory Advisor saves up to 50% human effort

Planners can have more time to improve sourcing, delivery, cost and perform other high-value tasks.

How much time is it taking you to gather all of the appropriate data, including recent usage and sales projections, and then perform the calculations and make adjustments for exceptions on all of your inventory items? If you're like our customers who have already started using Sage Inventory Advisor you'll find that the human effort currently spent on the entire purchasing cycle can be reduced by as much as 50%. Of course, the more items you have and the more detailed the planning effort you are currently making will influence just how much time you will save, but see for yourself.

You can add Sage Inventory Advisor to your Sage 100 or Sage 300 system and you can stop the subscription after only one month of use if you wish.

  • Diagnoses and identifies current low stock, replenishment, and overage problems.
  • Provides early warning of potential stock-outs, protecting your fill rate and minimizing lost sales.
  • Quickly and accurately forecasts future sales, taking seasonal fluctuations into account.
  • Analyzes past vendor and supply chain performance and lead times.
  • Classifies your inventory using both value and volume, to focus inventory investment.
  • Calculates optimal inventory levels, setting safety stock to cover the risk in your business.
  • Determines a model inventory level based on your inventory policy inputs.
  • Frees up capital tied up in overages while improving fill rates and reducing stock-outs.
  • Implements in as little as 30 minutes and is accessible 24/7 on any web-connected device.
  • Connects directly to Sage ERP systems requiring no additional equipment or customization.

Seamlessly integrated with both Sage 300 and Sage 100, Sage Inventory Advisor (SIA) is available to customers on a Gold or Platinum Business Care service plan at no additional cost. SIA is a Sage Connected Service (a SaaS application exclusively available for Sage ERP systems on a current support plan). Unlimited users are allowed with a single subscription to the service.

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SIA | Overview

Tom Wilson at Sage gives a webinar on Sage Inventory Advisor. This Webinar gives a very good overview of what SIA is, and how it can help your business. The pricing information in this webinar no longer applies at all. This was recorded September 2015.

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