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  • Menus are Grouped by Function and Customizable.

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  • User-configurable, Pre-designed KPIs:

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  • Desktop Functionality in a Clean Browser Interface:

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  • Efficient, Intuitive Navigation

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Sage 300 brings data visibility and transactional access across an entire business without the costs or complexity of traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The solution makes it easy for a business to manage finances, operations, and customer data, report on key indicators, and collaborate in real time, from any location.

Tens of thousands of businesses around the world use Sage 300 to manage their business across multiple locations, geographies, and markets. Armed with anytime, anywhere access to transactions and a real-time, accurate picture on its health, a business using Sage 300 can operate with laser-focused accuracy and agility.

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Sage 300 | Overview

This overview sheet presents how Sage 300 can address the challenges of mid-sized businesses and include the solution architecture and functionality.

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