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Simple yet powerful accounting for small nonprofits & churches

Aplos is advanced accounting for small nonprofits and churches. Fund accounting is usually a work-around for most other packages, but not Aplos - it was designed specifically for fund accounting. This is a critical need for both churches and NGOs in order to prove stewardship and accountability of grants and donations intended for specific purposes.

Over 14,000 organizations chose Aplos last year, and why not? Aplos offers a simple way to do solid accounting at a very reasonable rate starting at only $25 per mont. But Aplos wants great software to be available for organizations of any size. Nonprofits and churches formed in the past year can request six months free. Organizations with less than $50k in annual revenue can qualify for a 30% discount.

Here are some of the key features that Aplos provides:

  • np-fundaccounting

    Fund Accounting

    Create unlimited funds to track money for specific purposes.

  • np-flexiblereporting

    Flexible Reporting

    Customize or Generate pre-formatted reports to monitor your nonprofits financials.

  • np-budgeting


    Create reports that compare budget to actual spending for the year.

  • np-capabilities

    Oversight Capabilities

    Easily manage mulitple entities in Aplos.

  • np-onlinedonation

    Collect Online Donations

    Automatically track the donor and purpose of online donations.

  • np-trackdonations

    Automatically Track Donations

    Link your Aplos Donations to your accounting to track online giving.

  • np-1099image

    Prepare 1099s

    Easily Tag your vendors that require 1099s for January.

  • np-contributionstatements

    Contribution Statements

    Create contribution statements for each donor with one simple report.

  • np-recurringdonations

    Manage Recurring Donations

    Identify reccuring donors and the amount of their donations.

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Aplos | Overview

A brief overview describing Aplos. Many more videos are available on the Aplos YouTube channel.

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Aeona gives you the freedom to grow your business while providing you with the peace of mind that come from knowing your back office is taken care of. Providing accurate and timely accounting services while increasing the efficiency of your finance and accounting efforts is what Aeona is all about. From tax returns and bank reconciliations to implementation of an entire ERP system, Aeona can help you achieve more with your business.

Startups and small businesses can start with a basic accounting software implementation and monthly services, while larger or more complex businesses can benefit from having an accounting professional oversee and manage their entire office without having to hire a controller or CFO. This saves businesses tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in salaries and benefits every year.

Nonprofits also benefit from our years of experience with nonprofits and certification through the AICPA's nonprofit section. And, we have special rates for nonprofits as well as software specifically designed to improve accountability, compliance and transparency.